Portable Display System


Make your Exhibition More IMPACT!!

Display System offer exhibitors and user a great degree of attention grabbing and wide distance of visibility. The solution can be used for any type of event including exhibitions, trade shows, fairs and semi-permanent displays which should make a company stand out from the crowd by giving them a more professional look. The kits can be assembled to suit any function and companies design the graphics to promote any message they wish.

Furthermore, another benefit of using this type of display is that they are portable so they can be used at more than one event, which makes them a cost-effective investment.Modular display systems can be made from a fabric panel with an anodized aluminum frame, ensuring they are quick and cheap to construct.

The smaller stands are ideal for shopping center who wish to promote an event or for a retailer who wants to advertise their brand at a trade show.

Competition is fierce at trade shows as potential buyers and the media attend. A modular display system could help a new company present their ideas and brand in a professional manner, while remaining eye-catching.

We help our clients succeed by creating high impact, innovative display solutions, saving them time, shipping and storage.